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Kai The Last Shogun by WhiteHawk91
Kai The Last Shogun
My 2nd Submission for Brave Frontier Unit Creation contest.


Element : Fire

Evolutions :

Blazing Blade Kai - 5* Level 80
Loyalty Samurai Kai - 6* Level 100
Kai The Last Shogun - 7* Level 120

Unit Story and Profiles:

Kai The Last Shogun

Quote : (Fusing) The Power and the Blade I'm holding decides my fate.
(Evolve) Living in Pride and Honor, Surrender is not in my dictionary.

Rarity : 7*
Cost : 45

Lord :
HP : 7000
Attack : 3000
Defence : 2800
Recovery : 2800

Base :
HP : 6200
Attack : 2000
Defence : 1700
: 1700

Leader Skill : - War Cries -
80% boost to Def and 30% increase of Recovery for all Allies. And increase BB gauge produce during Spark.

Brave Burst : - Blazing Eternity -
25 Powerful combo Fire and Grass attack on all enemies.

Super Brave Burst : - Shogun's Last Blood -
33 powerful Combo Fire and Grass attack on all enemies. Chance of cutting Enemy's Defence and Attack (10%)

Extra Skill : - Peace Prayer - (Must be equipped with Tachi Tentei)
100% attack boost to ownself for first 2 turns. 5% chance to inflict injury to enemies when Tachi Tentei is equipped.

Tachi Tentei : 30% boost to Attack and HP and increase BC and HC by 3-5 every turn.

Ultimate Brave Burst : - Emperor's Calling - 

1 Power, Massive Fire and Dark attack on all enemies. Defend all Allies buff for 3 turns. Chance of causing a instant death to a random enemy (2.5%)

Story :

After his clan has been recognize by The Emperor as the Legal Arm Forces. Kai and his men had allied with various Military organizations to drive off the demon's army - Tenma's Vanguard. Which attempt to invade Kai's homeland. However, to destroy the Enemies. Kai need a new power to finish off Demon's Army Supreme General - Lleh. Which is extremely dangerous and Powerful then the Six Legendary God of the Gods. Before Kai proceed to change his gear. His grandfather - Kudo. Tells him that long time ago. During the 6 years of Great War. Kai's Great-Grandfather manage to kill and seal Lleh with his blade. Kudo lead Kai to a secret dungeon located near his house. Inside, he saw a Scarlet-Red shining armor, holding a blade. Sitting infront of him. Kai hold the gigantic blade, which known as Tachi Tentei and swing through via mid air. His mind telling him. That it was time. To slain the Evil.
Nevaeh the Archangel by WhiteHawk91
Nevaeh the Archangel
Hi!. I'm back with a new submission.  This drawing is for Brave Frontier Unit Creation contest.  Hope you guys like it and enjoy! :) (Submission thread link :…)

Artist's name and Pseudonym : Jason Lim (real name), Heaventh (BF name). and WhiteHawk91 (Deviantname)

Element : Light

Evolutions :

Guardian Knight Nevaeh - 5* Level 80
Holy Paladin Nevaeh - 6* Level 100
Nevaeh The Archangel - 7* Level 120

Unit Story and Profiles :

Nevaeh The Archangel

Quote : (Fusing) With new power. I shall use it to protect the Pure and no Evil shall stand in my Way!
(Evolve) Fear none! Believe in yourself. For Glory and Honor!

Rarity : 7*
Cost : 45

Lord :
HP : 7600
Attack : 2800
Defence : 2800
Recovery : 3000

Base :
HP : 6500
Attack : 1700
Defence : 1700
Recovery : 2000

Leader Skill : - Rise of the Guardian - 

100% Boost to Attack and 30% increase of HP to all allies and Nullify all Status Ailments.

Brave Burst : - Judgement - (25BB required. 20 strikes on all enemies) 
28 powerful combo Light and Dark attacks on all enemies. 

Super Brave Burst : - United We Stand - (30BB required. 33 strikes on all enemies) 
33 powerful Light and Dark attacks on all enemies. Increase Attack and Defense by 30% last for 3 turns and greatly increase HC and BC producing during both Sparks.

Extra Skill - Destiny of The Choosen - (must be equipp with Heaven Twin Blades)

25% Boost to all parameters. 5% chances of removing enemy's buff. 5% chance to cut enemy's stats by half when Heaven Twin Blades is equipped.

Heaven Twin Blades : 30% boost to Attack and 30% to Recovery. And chance of inflict a injury or sickness to enemy.

Ultimate Brave Burst - Heaven's Gate Noark - (45BB required. 40 strikes on all enemies.)
40 combo, massive all element attacks on all enemies. Greatly increases HC and BC last for 3 turns produce during Sparks and critical . Casting a Full Revive buff for all Allies, Full revive only activate when all party is dead.

Story :

After days of fighting. Countless wave of enemy troops rushing in. The base could not hold the damage any longer. Supplies and menpower were running low. Nevaeh did one thing before he meet his death. And was to tell all the active and wounded troops, refugees. To gather all their supplies and hurry to the next base in operation. Nevaeh make his last stand possible and is to make it count. After hours of fighting. Nevaeh drop the sword he holding, the one his father gave to him. He look at the clear blue sky, smiling. His body lying on the ground. Slowly close his eyes. Suddenly, a female voice call him. Revealing that Nevaeh was once a Powerful Evil man who process horrifying power. He had been captured and sealed in a Powerful Cell. His punishment - was to reincarnated and to be a better person, the reason is still a mystery. Afterwards, the lady appear infront of him. Holding 2 blades, 1 is the blade his father gave it to him, the other one was the sword his previous self was once hold, both blades had change to become - The Heaven Twin Blades. Nevaeh took the blades. A strong, powerful force has spark. Killing almost half of the forces strength. Nevaeh emerge with wings grow on his back, Halo shine on the top of his head. With an strong shiny armour. Nevaeh has became - The Archangel.
Someone just share me his own blog on modding and upgrading kits. Anyone interested may check it out :
Heaven, Lord Heaven, MK III, MK IV Archangel by WhiteHawk91
Heaven, Lord Heaven, MK III, MK IV Archangel
(From Left to Right)

1 -Heaven Gundam. Original (Heaven Gundam (HQ Color Complete))
2 -Heaven Gundam Lord. MK II
3 -Heaven Gundam Lord. MK III (Heaven Gundam G3 (Official HD Colour Complete)
4 -Peace Heaven Gundam. MK Archangel Type. (Z.A.W.I 20 XX07 Archangel Heaven Gundam MK IV)
Z.A.W.I 20 XX07 Archangel Heaven Gundam MK IV by WhiteHawk91
Z.A.W.I 20 XX07 Archangel Heaven Gundam MK IV
Z.A.W.I 20 XX07 Archangel Heaven MK IV
Final Version of the Heaven Gundam Successor.
Updated and done by WhiteHawk91

Archangel Heaven in Poster Form

Pilot : Takuya ([link])
Ver : Rev. Ver 7.2
System : Z.A.W.I Savior System. 3rd Edition, Version 3.0

Model No : Z.A.W.I 20 XX07A
Manufacturing Company : Zeus Advanced Weapon Industry
Year of Manufacturing : Advance Colony 2628

Weapon :

2x "Judgement" Arm Blade
2x "Holy" Beam Pistol
2x "Heaven" Blade
1x "Savior" Beam Rifle
2 pairx 50mm "Angel" Vulcan Cannon (Head and chest)

Other Armament: 

16x "God" Wing Dragoon Bit System

Defense :

"Halo" / "Savior" Beam Field

Special Attack :

Heaven Gate


Lim Yung Boon
Just join deviant Art quite long ago. More info you may refer to my Devious Info right below. xD

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I would be gratful if someone teach me how to use the critiques. Lol
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